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Outsource back-office services to improve performance efficiency!

Are you ready to expand your business and quickly scale up your team through your back office? If yes, you have made the right decision coming to us! Improve your investment in time and let us handle the everyday tasks that are time laborious but are nevertheless required. At the same time, you make insightful decisions that matter to your business’s growth.

Come to us with your requirements, and we will strategically plan and execute our back-office services.

Why outsource your back-office support team?

How can AngularJS Development Company Benefit your Business?

With emerging technologies, it has become crucial to employ a viable technology framework for the development of web and mobile applications.

AngularJS is one of the most preferred JavaScript frameworks among many industries ranging from start-ups to enterprises.

The framework is mainly used to develop agile and powerful Single-Page Applications (SPA). As technology is evolving rapidly, most companies these days are deploying AngularJS developers to build their mobile applications.

The framework makes front-end development as easy as possible and comes with great features that will make your application stand out from the rest.

Infomaze Elite is a skilled Angular.JS…

Best database development company for effective data management and storage

Businesses are continually innovating and scaling their processes to meet the increasing demands of the customers. Infomaze is the answer to all your database development needs.

Our database experts design and manage a diverse set of databases — traditional (MySQL, Oracle, SQL server) and unconventional (No SQL).

Given our vast domain expertise, we build custom database management systems to keep your data organized, secure, and easily accessible for users within your organization. Hire Infomaze as it is one of the best database development companies.

Data is the most basic foundation that supports everything from business processes to marketplace innovation and…

Print Brokers or Print Managers need software that can automate the entire process flow from ordering, procurement to fulfillment.

PrintPLANR addresses this requirement very well with its Print Workflow Management Information System along with Web2Print ordering portal.

This helps the Print Managers focus more on acquiring new clients whilst offering better customer support and services.

PrintPLANR is a cloud-based Print workflow management software. It also offers customer-facing ordering portals with customization to suit customer-specific demands and needs.

As a Print Manager (Broker) we understand you need all these vital functions to run your operations smoothly:

  • CRM system to manage your customer and prospects that includes basic CRM features;
  • RFQ system to allow your customers to request quote and…

Uniquely customizable cloud-based SaaS solution for pest control businesses

Efficiently managing a pest control business is no easy task without the aid of a suitable software solution. At Infomaze, we understand all of your pest control service needs from working closely with a pest control company in the Middle East while designing and developing our in-house cloud-based Saas pest control software.

Our pest control business software helps you keep track and stay updated about the materials and goods in your inventory, your technician’s work calendar, information about your leads, prospects, and invoice management while maintaining a company history for all of the above.

And, this is just the beginning…

Advanced Print CRM Solution

Manage Prospects, Customers, and Leads with advanced CRM features

PrintPLANR offers an advanced PRINT CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution, giving the user power to fully control every aspect of the business. From acquiring leads, sending them quotes to converting them into customers, These CRM for the printing industry offers a complete workflow to record, analyze and nurture leads and provide services to your existing customers.

Our Print CRM also provides tools like forecasting, that allow you to set targets for your sales team and make the same visibility to the team, as they bring in new opportunities and work their way to create higher sales.

Our advanced Print CRM features:

  • Manage your CRM database…


Secure, on-schedule, and hassle-free application migration services

Businesses today should stay ahead in the competitive world, keeping innovations, IT infrastructure, and costing regulations in line. With the technology improving drastically, business applications should meet the required challenges. The business will have to look for scalable, flexible, and power-packed applications that meet industry standards and requirements.

Moving your current application to a more advanced platform gains better productivity and enterprise management. By synthesizing the latest technological offerings and in-depth customizations, one can achieve highly comprehensive and stunning applications.

We at Infomaze determine the overall application strength and structure to re-build and migrate to a better platform without…


Technology has hugely influenced organizational culture. Everything in today’s world is digitized and we can barely think of any business type that hasn’t implemented technology in some way or the other. If you are facing the MIS Software Problem, Get the best MIS management information system software from PrintPLANR Which is one such cloud-based solution for your print business management.

An automated print MIS (Management Information System) solution comprises multiple modules like CRM module, job manager, quote management, warehouse management, invoicing & accounting, etc. …


Migrate Microsoft Access database to Office 365 to meet the requirements of your modern enterprise

The good thing about Office 365 is that it exists on the cloud and is extremely adaptable. You can relocate any amount of data from emails to apps to Office 365 and immediately figure out what might go wrong if you migrate the entire organization.

Microsoft has announced the retirement and shutdown of Microsoft Access web apps (2016) and will stop all support by October 2020, however, the extended support will remain until 2025. You can do various things to prepare for the shutdown and migrate to Office 365 in no time.

Access migration to Office365

Understanding how to migrate Access web apps…

OAuth is a security protocol Xero uses to let your app access a user’s account without accessing the password. The application user approves the access token upon requests for permissions.

OAuth 2.0 enhances the security standards and improves the security connection between third-party applications and Xero API.

Applications using Xero third-party integration services need to migrate to OAuth 2.0 by the 31st of March 2021.

Delaying the Xero Oauth migration may cause errors while requesting API requests and lose the ability to sync your application data with Xero.

OAuth 2.0 uses a per-user basis access token, while in OAuth 1.0…

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