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Smart Wristband, an IoT Wearable — A Case Study

Providing smart wearable devices with custom IoT solutions.

In recent years, we have seen the evolution of smart wearable technology taking over the digital lifestyle. With advanced technology ruling the real world, smart wearables can potentially transform the way businesses globally run. It also changes the way we use, receive, and share the data.

Adapting to the usage of the trending concept can help businesses interact more with the consumers, understand their behavioral patterns, and leverage the advantages the technology provides to increase success growth.

Here is a case study on how Infomaze successfully assisted one of our clients in creating their smart wearable IoT device.

Client’s Requirements:



Delivering powerful business insights for smarter decision making

The value of any data lies in its potential to transform business decisions. With large volumes of data scattered across various areas, it has become crucial for enterprises to leverage data the right way to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. If your goal is to secure key metrics access to decision-makers within your organization, Infomaze can help you get there.

Infomaze offers data-driven business intelligence solutions that are sustainable, scalable, and cost-effective. Our business intelligence consultants help organizations extract, manage, and analyze data to make critical business decisions. …

Stay integrated, automate and manage your business from one solution with our Zoho Integration Services.

Ease your business processes, stay ahead of your competitors, cut down unnecessary costs, improve your ROI and profit margin with our Zoho integration services.

Why opt for Zoho Integration Services?

  • Bridge communication gaps between departments
  • Automate your workflow
  • Eliminate repetitive tasks & manual errors
  • Reduce your turnaround time
  • Increase performance efficiency
  • Better ROI and profit margin

Zoho Integration Services

As an authorized Zoho partner, here’s a list of some of the recent Zoho Integration Services we have done for our clients. However, our expertise extends beyond the list.

Zoho WordPress Integration

WordPress, one of the popularly used Content Management System (CMS), is often used by corporates and small businesses to generate leads…

Hire Vue.js developers from Infomaze to build powerful apps at competitive rates

Infomaze builds minimalistic, high-performing apps using Vue.js for enhanced UI and UX. We carry a wide-ranging experience in building all kinds of apps from advanced web and mobile applications to blazing fast web portals.

No matter how complex your requirements are, we have just the right knowledge and proficiency in building solutions using a robust, secure, and maintainable code.

Hire our dedicated Vue.js developers who will put in their years of practice and skills for an out of the world user experience.

We make use of agile methodology as well as the latest technologies to build innovative and fast user…

High-quality web application development services at affordable rates

At Infomaze, we help organizations achieve complete operational efficiency through our intuitive web applications. Leverage the best-in-class web development services with the help of our highly qualified and skilled developers. We provide enterprise-grade proficient web development services that empower your business management system and achieve better goals.

Being a leading web application development company, we put our 100% diligence into creating innovative yet scalable web applications that are capable of handling large volumes of data and complex transactions in a secure and navigable manner. Our services stand competitive globally and have gained more reach due to our affordable pricing.


Online Design Studio (ODS) is a designing tool that lets your customers edit, design and personalize their orders. The highly customized solution can be accessed from any device with an active internet connection. The print software comes with various interactive modules and customizes products like t-shirts, caps, bags, mugs, etc., including promotional products.

Online design tool is no longer an amenity, but a necessity in itself as it will look after all elements of your print business.

Online design studio allows users to edit, approve and order customized print items online. PrintPLANR is the perfect go-to print solution if you have a custom t-shirt business, as the software is especially designed to meet the growing demands of customization.

The solution being highly modular in…

Looking to hire full stack developer to work on your unique project?

Hire a dedicated full stack development team from Infomaze — who you’ll have complete control over, while we manage other things such as office space, payroll, taxes, etc.

At Infomaze, we follow an agile development methodology to speed up the software development process. Our full stack developers have the knowledge and proficiency of PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, databases, and converting Photoshop designs to frontend code. From business analysis, project management, UI/UX design, software development, software maintenance, to Quality Assurance, our dedicated developers can do it all.

Long gone…

Secure, scalable, and robust IoT application development for startups and enterprises

The introduction of IoT has completely revolutionized the way devices function. Being a recognized mobile app development company, Infomaze has delivered various IoT applications that allow users to seamlessly manage their intelligent devices anywhere, anytime through a mobile interface. Our expert IoT developers use the best technologies to build powerful apps that complement your business processes and deliver a rich customer experience.

Leverage the vast network of intelligent devices and sensors interconnected by the cloud with our top-notch IoT mobile app development services. We help businesses to perform critical tasks more efficiently timely and thoughtful manner. …

Technology has hugely influenced organizational culture. Everything in today’s world is digitized and we can barely think of any business type that hasn’t implemented technology in some way or the other. PrintPLANR is one such cloud-based solution for your print business management. It is the best MIS management information system software.

An automated print MIS (Management Information System) solution comprises of multiple modules like CRM module, job manager, quote management, warehouse management, invoicing & accounting, etc. In recent years, the scope of MIS software for printing industry has significantly increased, thanks to advancing information technology.

Establishing an MIS software for…

PrintPLANR easy to build & manage W2P Retail (B2C) and Corporate (B2B) solutions

PrintPLANR offers Web-to-Print solutions for both your retail and corporate customers to allow them to order print at their convenience. Integrated with our PrintPLANR Print MIS system it orders a completing ordering & fulfillment solution to any print shop or chain of print shops.


Our web to print software is built with the latest technology, is responsive in design and can be customized to any theme, design, color, and is very easy to operate. …

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