Technology has hugely influenced organizational culture. Everything in today’s world is digitized and we can barely think of any business type that hasn’t implemented technology in some way or the other. PrintPLANR is one such cloud-based solution for your print business management. …

Outsourcing IT help desk services has immediate advantages that seem good enough reason for continuing it for a short time. …

The Summary:

The client, an enterprise home decor and accessories provider, was looking for a way to access and analyze all of their enterprise departmental data in real-time. Infomaze helped them reach their goal by integrating all of their applications, including QuickBooks Desktop, Pipedrive, Google Analytics, and Google Sheets, into Klipfolio Dashboard.

Zoho Applications for Streamlining the Coupon System — A Case Study


The client is a coupon management company for pharmacies looking to streamline the process involved in the coupon system. From sharing the coupon code to its redemption and its accounting in real-time, we automated the whole process using Zoho Applications.

The Client:

The client had a coupon system for pharmacies and their…

Hire Offshore Mobile App Developers to Create Incredible Mobile Apps.

Infomaze’s mobile app programmers are equipped with the latest hardware and technologies to ensure the most up-to-date app solution.

We apply the following processes to ensure that the app’s development is in line with the clients’ vision:

  • Requirement gathering and analyzing
  • Wireframe and designing (We have various tools to ensure…

Developing a web application requires a lot of prior thought and planning. Deciding on the technology stack to be used based on the functionality, size, type, among other factors of the web application, choosing a robust tech stack is crucial.

This article discusses how choosing a MEAN stack for your…

Hire MEAN stack developer from Infomaze for Future-ready Web Applications

  • Our full-stack MEAN developers are highly experienced with handling all the components of MEAN (MongoDB, ExpressJS, Angular, NodeJS).
  • The MEAN Stack developers for hire build scalable, innovative, futuristic web applications that take your business to the next level.
  • By hiring our MEAN stack developers, you get the best DevOps organization…

Infusionsoft CRM Customisation — A Case Study

The Summary:

The client was on the lookout for effectively managing their customer relationship. With data scattered across multiple platforms, the client sought to automate and handle their business from a single platform. …

Hire Infusionsoft Developers to get a Customised Solution Developed in almost no time.

  • Hire Infusionsoft developers who are highly goal-oriented, rigorously trained to work on your Infusion project.
  • The extensive work experience that our Keap developers possess adds up to the high-quality work that we promise and deliver.
  • Infusionsoft, now Keap, is one of the very few software that provides all vital features…

While we have discussed the four vital things to consider while software outsourcing and the 12 advantages of outsourcing IT help desk services in our previous blogs, we discuss the aspects that make an outsourcing company offering IT help desk services outstanding.

An outsourcing company must have a set of…

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