Best Print Broker Management Software Program For Print Brokers

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5 min readFeb 16, 2021

With print projects, whether you manage a small project or a project that’s larger than most others, it can still get challenging at times.

A good print broker software is what you need to guide you through those hard times to get you organized. Overcome challenging print jobs of any scale with the help of PrintPLANR.

As a print broker, you are also responsible to get the job done right and if the end result does not satisfy customer requirements, you will be expected to fix that too as means of providing remediation.

With print broker software, all print jobs that you as a broker will handle and can be managed with ease and software ensures that all the steps of a job are completed in order and seamlessly, allowing you to even modify each step (such as add one or more items while the job is still in progress) the way you want.

Print Broker Software is one such software that addresses all needs of print brokers with a huge variety of modules ranging from those helpful to brokers that handle small scale until large scale print jobs and much more.

We understand that despite adding all modules that we think are important — regardless of their weightage — you may still have a request. In such cases, contact us and we will see what can be done! (We have created many fields and modules for customers with special requests). Looking forward to join hands!

WHAT ALL CAN Print Broker Management Software DO?

Being a Print Broker is not an easy job and only a well-experienced one would know the struggle that has to be faced in order to get the print jobs carried out as per customer preferences.

From understanding the requirements of the customer with a clear view of products in mind, the way of approach of print brokers towards the print job has to be with the right knack. A print broker software must make this process as seamless and quick as possible.


Data Visualization & BI: Create your own dashboard with the highly customizable Print Broker Software & stay in control of your printing business.

Fully Customizable, Settings Driven: Set up your own products, warehouse, user roles, workflow & rules to suit the unique needs of your business. Multiple settings that can be repeatedly edited.

CRM Module: Import and manage your database of clients & suppliers. Tasks, Calls, Forecast features available for the Print CRM module of print management system.

Estimating Module: Accurate templates that are business process-specific drill down your quotes & adjust the pricing to ensure that your business always stays competitive.

Job Management: Define various statuses and build your own rules to efficiently manage jobs. ‘Electronic job cards’ feature for easy and quick job assignment to your staff.

Purchase Order & Deliveries: Create purchase orders in just one click form one or more jobs and record payments by automating your print jobs from one place.

Invoicing & Accounting: Generate Pre-Job or Post-Job tasks. Option to integrate with any popular or your existing accounting package.

Customer B2B & B2C Stores: Create customer-specific ordering portals with unlimited settings with an option to include your own branding.

Efficient Modules and Add-ons

Print Estimates

The print broker software calculates and displays accurate print Estimation/Quoting for every print job that you may or may not share with your customers. This feature helps you get the exact idea of how much the print job would cost to make the best decisions for your customers.

Cost Splitting

Each quote/estimation is displayed with exact cost split according to different items, quantity, set information (one unit, multiple, etc.), so all costs are entirely transparent.


Find the profit estimated for individual print jobs, define numerous taxes, save and use in print jobs. With the profit stats, optimize your profit as a broker.

Print Manager

With multiple settings and smart performance, the print broker solution will be your personal manager for your role as a print broker!

Customer Information

You can view all information for a customer for whom a print job is being carried out, right on the job page.

Job Status

The print broker software lets you know exactly where a job stands with modifiable job status and estimates when it could be completed and plan the other jobs accordingly.


The cloud-based software solution allows you to opt for and scale resources up or down as per your requirement. No mandates of any kind, not now, not ever!


Dedicated Web to Print and online storefront modules in the software to please your customers and allow them to smoothly order print products online.

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