Custom Microsoft Power BI Solutions

Run Data-driven Business with Microsoft Power BI.

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5 min readAug 9, 2021

Get a Snapshot view of your Business Data with Custom KPIs, Data Sources, and Analytics.

As Microsoft partners, we are capable of delivering the best Power BI solutions. You get real-time inputs, insightful analytics, and more to take your business up a notch. With our Microsoft Power BI Consulting services, we guide and help you with our services.

  • Power BI Desktop: Windows desktop-based application.
  • Power BI service: SaaS-based online service.
  • Power BI Gateway: To sync external data into Power BI.
  • Power BI Embedded: Utilizing Power BI REST APIs for custom applications.
  • Power BI Report Server: An on-premises reporting solution.
  • Power BI Visuals Marketplace: Creating custom visuals for the marketplace.
  • Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS): Link Power BI to ADLS with a configurable data flow.
  • Also, an added benefit of unlimited data files storage.
  • Language expertise: DAX, Power Query, SQL, R, and Python

The Microsoft Power BI Integration Services and Support Services Includes:

Microsoft Power BI Integration with CRM:

Connect your company CRM and pull out all the data required from the data source. From leads, clients, vendors’ data to the sales pipeline data, moved into one dashboard.

We get all the CRM data you need onto one dashboard. From there, we will customize and pull the data to other reports according to your need.

Power BI Integration with Enterprise Data Warehousing

Through SQL-server integration service (SSIS), our Power BI experts carry out data warehousing. We help you with data mining, data cleansing, and maintaining data quality.

Get all centrally-stored, operational enterprise corporate data onto Power BI. View data with custom visuals developed through our Microsoft Power BI Services.

Power BI with ERP Integration

Connect your ERP to Power BI with no downtime through our Microsoft Power BI Services. See your desired data, including procurement, accounting, supply chain operations, on a dashboard, understand the quality of project management and risk management from obtained data analytics.

Measure your day-to-day business transactions in real-time and improve your business processes with impactful business decisions.

HRMS integration with Power BI

With our help, integrate the data from your Human Resource Management System (HRMS) to Power BI. We create dashboards to help you view people analytics designed for stakeholders.

The retrievable data will help keep a check on workforce cost and attrition rates and help view and understand the employee performance analytics with the right KPIs.

Integrate your IoT Management System to Power BI

Get real-time data from your IoT device management system to Power BI. With the visualizable data analytics, assess the effectiveness and functionality of the device.

Get reliable growth rate expectations with innovative IoT implementations and track IoT device life-cycle management to take the right call in your business.

Microsoft Power BI Consulting:

As one of the top Power BI Company’s, our Power BI consultants have immense experience. With our expertise, we check the Power BI feasibility and set a plan for your project.

And, with the Business Intelligence (BI) practices we follow, you get a BI solution designed for you. All this in almost no turnaround time.

Custom Power BI Dashboard development:

Our Power BI experts help you create interactive visuals from various datasets. Personalize your dashboard and reach business decisions faster. Embed the dashboard visuals in custom applications you choose.

Automation in Power BI Data Analysis:

Using R and Python, we develop and run algorithms to get dynamic, real-time stats on your dashboard. We help you achieve data-shaping and predictions with automated analysis. And, in turn, help you make sound business decisions.

Power BI Data Management:

From ingesting various data sets to defining the data flows, our Power BI support team does it all; We help you with data cleansing, streaming, and enrichment, for the ingested data. With configurable data flows, we integrate all your data files in ADLS.

Power BI Data Support:

Based on your business needs, we add workspace level or row-level security to check who has access to it. Using Microsoft-managed encryption keys, we make sure you have proper data encryption.

Being an ISO 27001 and ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we treat data security and compliance with utmost responsibility.

Microsoft Power BI Implementation:

Our Power BI experts follow an implementation strategy that suits your business. Implementing the configurations, they assess and analyze the improvements required.

Once the implementation process is complete, you get the best Power BI system. With regular health check-ups, we avoid any conflicts or errors on your Power BI. Troubleshooting any errors if you encounter any on the system.

Industrial Expertise in Providing Microsoft Power BI Services:

Our Microsoft Power BI solutions offer a wide range of benefits with the customizations we provide to precisely fit the industry needs and maximize the profit margin and ROI through a better decision-making process.

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