Difference between Zoho and Zoho One

What is Zoho?

Zoho offers web-based business and productivity tools. One can purchase the cloud-based suite of applications on a la carte pricing model provided by the Indian company Zoho Corporation.

What is a Zoho Bundle?

Addressing every operation in your business and automating the same, Zoho has come up with the unification of apps as follows:

  • Zoho One
  • Zoho CRM Plus
  • Zoho Finance Plus
  • Zoho Workplace
  • Zoho People Plus
  • Zoho IT Management
  • Zoho Marketing Plus

What is Zoho One?

Zoho One is an integrated suite of applications or an application bundle that runs seamlessly to manage sales, finances, marketing, operations, human resources through a centralized, one-solution approach.

What is the difference between Zoho and Zoho One?

Understanding what Zoho One is and what Zoho is, provides us with the highlights of the main differences between the two business software models.

  1. SalesForce Automation,
  2. Product Customization,
  3. Automation & Process Management,
  4. Prediction and Artificial Intelligence (Zia),
  5. Reports,
  6. Analytics and Measurement,
  7. Social,
  8. Marketing Automation,
  9. WebForms,
  10. Team Collaboration,
  11. Inventory Management,
  12. Customer Support,
  13. User Portal,
  14. Document Library,
  15. File Storage,
  16. Data Administration,
  17. Security Administration,
  18. Developer Tools,
  19. Add-Ons & Integrations,
  20. Integration with Microsoft,
  21. Integration with Google Workspace,
  22. Support.

The Zoho applications that one can use individually or as an integrated suite as Zoho One is as follows:

  • Sales & Marketing: CRM, Bigin, Campaigns, Forms, Sign, Social, SalesIQ, Survey, Sites, PageSense, Backstage, Commerce, Bookings, Marketing Automation, Landingpage.
  • Customer Service: Desk, Assist & Lens.
  • Email & Collaboration: Mail, Meeting, Cliq, Voice, Workdrive, Docs, Writer, Sheet, Show, Projects, Sprints, Bugtracker, Connect, Vault, Showtime, Notebook, TeamInbox, Zeptomail, Learn, Calendar.
  • Finance: Books, Inventoryfree, Invoice, Subscriptions, Expense, Checkout, Payroll.
  • Human Resources: Recruit, People, Workerly, Backtoworknew, Shifts.
  • Legal: Contracts
  • IT & Help Desk: Servicedesk Plus, Mobile Device Management, Patch Manager Plus, Remote Access Plus, Site24x7, Log Management Cloud, Identity Management, Desktop Central, Domain Toolkit.
  • Custom Solutions: Creatornew, Catalyst, Flow, Office Integrator, Qntrl.
  • Business Intelligence: Analytics, Data prep, Embedded BI

How to choose: Zoho vs Zoho One?

The factors that one can consider are as follows:

  • How the pricing affects your enterprise?
  • What are the functional requirements that need to be fulfilled?
  • How best can you achieve cost savings during implementation?



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