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4 min readSep 15, 2021

No more Burnouts and Dissatisfied Clients with our full-time, Quality Outsourced IT Help Desk Services!

Are you stuck with mediocre standards while you have always aimed at excelling? Having to compromise due to overburdened employees with your tickets and help desk IT needs?

  • If that rings a bell, you have found the right way to us. We speak with such confidence because of our constant ability to resolve our client’s tickets in almost no time and helping them achieve better productivity.
  • If you are keen to render our IT help desk services and are looking for IT help desk solutions, our help desk consultants can help develop a work strategy that suits your business needs precisely.

IT Help Desk Services Includes:

Tier 1 IT Help Desk Services

  • This module primarily deals with immediately resolvable issues over a call, an email, or other means of communication that you prefer.
  • Fix to a suitable option for hiring, be it the number of tickets per month, the number of hours spent, and average resolution time.
  • Custom KPIs to measure performance and weekly/monthly reports as per the plan you have chosen.

Tier 2 IT Help Desk Services

  • The tier 2 issues are mostly those that cannot be resolved at almost any time and need escalation.
  • The module also may include the complete IT Support Services to manage your entire IT infrastructure.
  • The module is flexible to customize as per your requirements and billable only for hours worked on, among other options.
  • You also get weekly/monthly reports to reflect the team’s performance to the average resolution time.

Affordable and flexible Outsourcing Modules

Dedicated 24X7 Support

Are you planning to outsource IT service desk services full-time or part-time? We can take care of it seamlessly. All we need is to understand your requirements, and we will get on it immediately in an organized manner. We manage the ticketing system you work with and resolve the issues with almost no time before providing a well-written and tested solution.

Graveyard Shift IT Help Desk Services

Are you finding it challenging to provide IT help desk services to your clients 24X7 due to a shortage of staff at night? We put you in a position of advantage with this engagement module. With the difference in time zones, we promptly cover post 10 PM shifts till your team can take over the following day.

Seat-basis IT Help Desk Services

If you wish to augment your IT help desk team, then this is your best bet. With this engagement module, you can choose to outsource your IT help desk services on a seat basis and increase the number of employees per seat served to engage as per your requirements demand.

On-demand Support

Often you may not require a full-time or a part-time team to outsource your IT help desk services. You can talk to us if you want to outsource your IT help desk services on short notice and want a team in reach at all times. Our team works in a highly strategic way and takes care of your urgent needs almost immediately. Talk to us to know more.

Why choose Infomaze to Outsource IT Help Desk Services?

  • Expertise in multiple IT Service Management Platforms
  • 24x7x365 days service provided
  • No language barriers, all of our outsourcing team have highly effective communication skills.
  • Rapid ticket processing and clearance by automating repetitive tasks and quick response to general client queries.
  • No more backlogs, roadblocks when it comes to impressing your clients with reduced response time, even for tier 2 IT services.
  • Increased In-house cost-savings for infrastructure and staff
  • Improved productivity and client satisfaction
  • Reliable extended IT Support Services when required.
  • The separate team assigned for your project, by whom every aspect is taken care of in an organized manner.
  • Option to choose graveyard shift or complete coverage; part-time or full time
  • As per your requirement, proactive monitoring services are ensured along with Tier 1 and Tier 2 IT services.
  • We seamlessly work alongside your in-house team with solid work ethics maintained and an efficient team from an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

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