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Outsource back-office services to improve performance efficiency!

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6 min readApr 30, 2021

Are you ready to expand your business and quickly scale up your team through your back office? If yes, you have made the right decision coming to us! Improve your investment in time and let us handle the everyday tasks that are time laborious but are nevertheless required. At the same time, you make insightful decisions that matter to your business’s growth.

Come to us with your requirements, and we will strategically plan and execute our back-office services.

Why outsource your back-office support team?

  • Your business is growing, and your existing team feels the pressure to cope with the increased workload. Outsourcing helps reduce workload stress.
  • Simultaneously, scaling up your team means you need to enhance the office space, technology, and other infrastructure apart from hiring more admin/trainers to manage those teams. You cut down on your expenditures and get better ROI.
  • You may also have some great business ideas to expand your business and wish not to spend time managing labor-intensive support work. The solution is to outsource your back-office operations to us.

What kind of offshore back-office services do you require?

While we handle everything from admin, finance, customer support, payroll, HR, inventory management, accounting, logistics, we also offer services in other areas, including managing your software, automation, security, servers, and more.

Typically, these services delivered are non-voice services provided by our call center team.

Personal / Virtual Assistance

Virtual Assistance or Personal Assistance is the most requested back-office service we receive and has worked for clients worldwide; our team has mastered the art of providing the best services, including:

  • Email Monitoring, Answering, Management
  • Calendar, Schedules, Appointments Management
  • Gathering information from various departments and preparing summarized reports
  • File and Document Management including maintaining records
  • Preparing Statement, Letters, and other documents
  • Maintaining and Updating Client’s Social Media Accounts
  • Other day-to-day activities

Data Entry

You may require data entry operators for various purposes, from information gathering to filling the form, capturing images, catalog management, and more. Our team of experts can review and process the best option for you, including proposing “Data-Scraping” to speed the work and reduce costs.

Data entry services include:

  • Collection of data for various industries including eCommerce, real estate, financial, etc.
  • Scanning, Copying
  • Managing your catalog, including updating price, information, etc.
  • Updating specific records, information across other platforms
  • Image Processing and management
  • Form processing either through image, voice, or other means
  • Any different & additional data entry or scrapping services.


Maintaining your books on time can help you measure and make the best business decision. We, from Infomaze, provide experts in the following accounting Software team to manage your books and accounts regularly:

  • QuickBooks
  • Xero
  • MYOB
  • FreshBooks
  • Zoho Books
  • Tally

Health & Medical Back-Office Support

The healthcare industry faces various challenges in maintaining the records, claims, payment, digital records and often need a team to ease the workload on Health Care & Medical operations. We are in Health Care IT Support for years and offer various services as per regulations and compliance:

  • Insurance Verification Services
  • Medical Claims Processing
  • Medical Transcriptionist
  • Patient Records Management
  • Managing your Health Care Software
  • Data Entry including Document management and more…

Business Process Consultants

Hire our experienced business process consultants as they will understand your business objective and create the technical know-how, workflow, and recommend the best software for your business needs.

  • Document workflows and processes accurately.
  • Display gaps in your current processes
  • See where the easiest improvements to make are
  • See redundant processes that can be eliminated or automated
  • Note processes that are better starting from scratch with business process reengineering
  • Finding tasks to automate with process automation

Our team will analyze, create the report and propose the best solution for your business objectives.

Business Analyst

Our BAs carry out proficient SOP and risk analysis and possess excellent communication skills to communicate with the stakeholders smoothly. With the practical operation design, organizational capabilities, and improvements implemented to reach project requirements, you will get a seamless business process.

Our BAs have immense experience and expertise in:

  • Conducting detailed business scope and risk analysis and outlining the problems, opportunities, and their solutions.
  • Forecasting and budgeting
  • Strategizing and monitoring
  • Variation analysis
  • Reporting
  • Pricing
  • Defining the business requirements to report back to stakeholders with clarity.

Marketing Support Team

Our back-office marketing support team has deep knowledge about the different market places. It keeps the long-term and short-term business goals in mind, specifically developing a customer-oriented approach after interpreting the market analytics accurately. Here’s what you will get by hiring our marketing support team:

  • Comprehensive data gathering through market research.
  • Strategizing marketing campaigns and delivering the same with clarity
  • Accurate data maintenance with the assistance of spreadsheets, databases, and inventories.
  • Organized marketing campaign and social media campaign execution
  • Designing digital campaigns, promotional presentations, and events, and managing company websites and social media account content.

Digital Marketing Team

Our back-office digital marketing teams are self-motivated marketing research analyst’s who can plan and execute web, SEO/SEM, database marketing, email, social media, and display advertising campaigns. They will monitor the metrics set after analyzing the company goals. Our team’s vigorous tactics involve:

  • Search Engine Optimization and website marketing
  • Creating brand awareness with social media marketing
  • Email marketing with personalized content
  • Content marketing strategy and its implementation

Email Marketing

Why should you go for an email marketing manager? Well, when everyone out there is following some email marketing strategy, our email marketing manager will help you stand out with the ideal mobile-friendly templates, prompt communication, and quality newsletters over quantity!

  • Proper lead generation goals and metrics followed.
  • Excellent copywriting and project management skills
  • Email marketing analysis and improvisation with continuous enhancement in the marketing strategy.
  • Report generation, personalized email marketing campaigns

Customer Support

The back-office customer support we provide helps you resolve tickets quickly and help provide a better experience for your customers. With exceptional communication skills and knowledge of global business culture, our customer support agents provide effective conflict resolution and possess multi-tasking and documentation skills.

  • Product knowledge
  • Extensive Market knowledge
  • Quality centric customer service
  • Information gathering, analysis, and provide helpful information to serve customers better

Accounting Services

Gain insight into your accounting like never before; allow us to integrate all of your data into your accounting software securely and seamlessly with bidirectional, real-time upgradations. We provide an all-in-one solution from data entry, payroll management, accounts payable, receivable data, reporting, and IT support to tackle accounting software management and summarize your financial data.

  • Accurate Data Entry Management
  • Detailed Reporting & confidentiality
  • Easy handling of the web-based accounting software system
  • Audit of the current accounting systems

Admin work

When it comes to handling administrative work, you need a strong team player with excellent people skills. Our back-office executives have superior management skills and ensure effective, quick assistance in managing their offices and operational requirements.

  • Inventory & Supply Management
  • Delegation and coordinating with teams
  • Market and consumer trend analysis
  • Organize data and accounting management

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