Implementation Of Keap CRM For Business Automation

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Infusionsoft CRM Customisation — A Case Study

The Summary:

The client was on the lookout for effectively managing their customer relationship. With data scattered across multiple platforms, the client sought to automate and handle their business from a single platform. The client chose to hire Infusionsoft developers with whose help we integrated all of their applications with Infusionsoft, now Keap.

The Client: On the Lookout for Automation.

Being a B2B unified communications (UC&C) solutions provider, the client had a worldwide clientele of their own and many repeating or recurring customers.

The client also had varied solutions and packages to offer to their clients and wanted to categorize their customers accordingly and efficiently manage their entire business.

The Challenge: A Personalised CRM that meets their needs.

The client managed all of their customer data on outdated excel sheets and found it extremely cumbersome to manage their everyday business, especially when they saw a surge in their clientele with the work from home culture.

The client maintained a bookkeeping system that worked independently. It cost them extra workforce energy and time to match their transactions with their customers before sharing the bills with their clients over email.

The client found it challenging to keep track of the payments made by their customers and to follow up where it was necessary.

Making impactful business decisions became more and more complicated as their business grew, whilst their way of handling their business stayed outdated.

The Requirements: An Efficient Automation in their Business.

The client came to us with the chain of Problems Mentioned Earlier and the Following basic Requirements:

  1. An efficient CRM to fit all of their business needs while seamlessly connecting the everyday workflow processes.
  2. Unique categorization of their customers and leads with automatic differentiation and its recording of new and repeated customers.
  3. To eliminate repeated data entry and manual errors because of which running their business would be simplified.
  4. Also, the client wanted to remove the losses and confusion that occurred due to errors in manual data entry.
  5. Save time in tracking and monitoring the payment from their clients over emails.
  6. Accounting system and CRM integration for real-time data sync to save workforce energy and time.
  7. Business modernization through business automation.
  8. To build an effective, workable marketing strategy.

Expertise Utilised:

Being a solution provider for businesses of various sizes and types, with our experience, we chose a CRM that was flexible enough to accommodate the client’s requirements and further customized it through our CRM customization services.

With our expertise in providing high-end integration solutions through our API integration services, we eliminated the disconnect between the accounting, CRM, and email marketing solutions.

The Solution: An Effective Customisation of the Infusionsoft CRM (Keap CRM).

The client wanted to categorize their customers and leads into different categories based on the communication solution offered or requested. Hence we created a customized Keap form for the client and custom rules and conditions to achieve the categorization.

We killed two birds with one stone when along with the automation in customer record management, we also eliminated double data entry or losses from manual errors.

We provided email automation using conditional logic and integrating Infusionsoft CRM, the accounting system while addressing the issue of complicated payment follow-ups.

We thoroughly discussed the business goals with our client, provided a functioning and effective business marketing strategy, and automated the process through Keap.

The Result: A Successful Implementation of Business Automation

Following the implementation of Infusionsoft CRM in their business, the client saved workforce energy and time while managing their customers and leads.

With categorizations, our client could easily find their customers based on the offered communications solutions and attend to their needs faster and more efficiently.

Following up on payments with the accounting and CRM integration and email automation eased up drastically. If the charges for their communication solutions were not made after the first intimation, it would send automatic alerts with the help of our conditional logic our Keap developer’s set.

Overall, as their business grew, the client could easily handle the expansion in the clientele through business automation we brought into their day-to-day business processes.

The successful implementation of our solution improved their ROI, profit margin, and performance efficiency.

Why choose Infomaze for Infusionsoft CRM Customisation?

Infomaze offers a pool of dedicated Infusionsoft developers for hire with years of experience and attention to customizing Keap with a knack for efficient problem solving and bringing around business automation.

With effective communication and customer-centric practices that we follow, your needs are prioritized and met with the implementation of your feedback.

You get a guarantee of business-specific top-notch solutions at a less turnaround time.

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