Is Your Application Running Slow Here Is A solution

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3 min readAug 27, 2021

Having your applications run efficiently is one of the most critical factors that determine your company’s IT infrastructure’s critical success. At the same time, having a slow-running application is a hindrance to the company’s overall performance.

It is vital to determine the reason for the slow application, and the following reasons given below are worthy mentions.

  • Client-end sluggishness
  • Slowed server
  • Network issue
  • Chatty interactive applications
  • Database volume

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It is significant to figure out at what point the problem is occurring, from RUM (Real-user monitoring) solutions to application dependency mapping for better application performance management; it is essential to go about the diagnosis in a step-wise manner.

The diagnosis inevitably consumes a considerable amount of time initially. But, it is worth the effort as it improves the slow application performance.

Now, let us consider each troubleshooting step for application slowness mentioned above in detail with a solution for the same.

Improve application performance and check how to fix slow running applications

Client-end Sluggishness

The client-end application might be slow for many reasons, be it competitiveness between the programs for resources including CPU, bandwidth, and memory, and low disk space, to name a few.

To appropriately understand the issue on the client-end, it is crucial to have extensive knowledge of the client-end functional application infrastructure.

Utilizing application performance management (APM) tools can easily detect client-end delays in processes.

Slower server

Once the client-end server interacts with the application server, it communicates with the middleware servers, which in turn corresponds with the database servers.

A single weak link between the servers or if the middleware asks a lot of unnecessary questions, the application might slow down.

A thorough Application Dependency Mapping using the right APM tool can reveal precisely where the weak link exists.

Network issue

Also, all servers mentioned above might communicate with a Domain Name System (DNS) server. If the front-end user has sent misguided requests to a decommissioned DNS server, the server must time out its first inquiry and send a second round of requests, causing recurrent slowdowns in the application.

Also, increased application traffic leading to insufficient bandwidth, hardware issues including faulty routers, firewalls, and switches can cause an application to run slower.

Prioritizing the applications running slow and maintaining hardware in perfect condition will help overcome the network issue.

Chatty interactive applications

Application servers built to interact with themselves before communicating with the client-end might slow down because of the latency created with time.

Increasing visibility for the requests sent by the client-end between the server systems is one way to prevent the problem at hand.

Database Volume

When the database in use isn’t scalable, or when the multi-database queries have slower LANs and database locking increases leading to repeated execution of the inquiries, it increases the time the database has to spend on receiving, processing, and acting on the request retrieved. As a result, the application in question slows down in its performance.

Proper monitoring of the wait-time analysis to optimize the application will help pinpoint promptly where the issue might be occurring and sort the problem quickly to obtain a better-performing application.

If the applications are running yet slowly, even after a thorough application slowness troubleshooting for each of the five factors mentioned above that slows down an application, it is time to revamp the application’s architecture.

As we all know, a slow-running application in your company’s IT infrastructure slows down the growth of your business.

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