Ozonetel Telephony Integration with Zoho CRM

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4 min readJan 12, 2022

The Summary:

The client was looking for a straightforward way to integrate, making automated calls and lead management with a single solution. The client came to us intending to retain their Zoho CRM system but enhance it with Zoho CRM telephony integration. As Zoho authorized partners, we efficiently met the client’s requirements.

The Client: On the lookout for Zoho API Integration

Our client, who runs a car rental agency, received numerous leads every day along with their requests via forms and messages. The client had an advanced CRM that took care of this process effectively. But, the client was finding it difficult to manually enter the details from their Zoho CRM into the telephony software, Ozonetel Cloud Agent software, and vice versa once the calls got over and they came to us seeking an efficient solution.

The Requirement: Ozonetel Telephony Integration with Zoho CRM

The client requested the following Zoho customization services from us and wanted the same in less turnaround time, without affecting their day-to-day business:

  1. Automated call management to handle high call volumes.
  2. Handling Multiple applications in a single pool, including HRM, CRM, to name a few.
  3. One authentication key set-up for all the different applications
  4. Bi-directional, real-time syncing of leads from Zoho CRM into the cloud telephony solution and dispositions notes at the time of call wrapping into the Zoho CRM. Their Zoho CRM received leads from multiple sources, including Zoho forms and Facebook campaigns, to name a few.
  5. Custom business logic that configures the Ozonetel pop-up URL linked to them through Zoho CRM telephony integration for one-click disposition.
  6. If the calls went unanswered, then a separate queue system as per the client specification to follow-up on those calls.

The Technology Used: Zoho API Integration with Ozonetel, an open API-based platform using appropriate Webhooks.

The Solution: An Ozonetel CloudAgent telephony integration with Zoho CRM

With the client requirements in mind, we did a straightforward Zoho API integration with the help of our expertise providing Zoho integration services. We linked Zoho CRM and Ozonetel CloudAgent cloud-based contact centre solution with automatic, bi-directional, real-time sync of call durations, call details, disposition notes, and more.

We made the automation in calls possible through our Zoho CRM telephony integration. The automation process would push the query to the Ozonetel CloudAgent cloud solution platform in real-time.

It was significant for the client to have the pop-up URL with custom one-click disposition messages that fit their business needs precisely, and we wrote custom queries to achieve the same.

If the calls went to voicemail or encountered a busy user, we automatically redirected those calls to a separate call queue as per the client’s request.

The Result: A successful Telephony Integration with Zoho CRM

As a result of our Zoho customization services and seamless Zoho API integration, we achieved the Ozonetel CloudAgent telephony integration with Zoho CRM in a competitive turnaround time.

The client has been pleased with our services as all of their requirements have been met and even more so as they reap the benefits with immediate implementation.

The automated call management via the Zoho CRM telephony customization ensured that the client never missed making any calls immediately once they received leads on their CRM. If not for the automation, the clients lost leads by following a manual checklist bound to human errors and time-consuming.

The sorting into a separate call queue for the missed calls guaranteed that would prioritize even those calls, and they wouldn’t be lost at the bottom of a list.

Through the custom business logic and disposition messages, automated calls and call queue system we provided through our Zoho CRM telephony integration, the client reduced their downtime by 100% and got a seamless workflow.

The real-time, bi-directional sync of leads onto the cloud call solution and the disposition messages onto the Zoho CRM ensured all of the client’s interactions were not lost and was safely saved, which could be accessed in almost no time. As a result, the client did not have to go through repeated manual data entry and improved their performance efficiency and ROI.

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Source: Telephony Integration with Zoho CRM — A Case Study