Print MIS System / Software

Aaron smith
3 min readFeb 12, 2021

Workflow Management Information System for Printing Companies

PrintPLANR works for any size of printing business!

PrintPLANR works for any size of printing business! PrintPLANR serves as a complete management information system. No matter the size of your business, the software solution, Print Management Information System (Print MIS) works for you!

The MIS solution works great for printing companies, signage industry and promotional companies. The Print MIS system can be used by all levels of management users, technicians, designers, print managers and sales teams.

PrintPLANR is one such software that addresses all needs of print brokers with a huge variety of modules ranging from those helpful to brokers that handle small scale until large scale print jobs and much more.

PrintPLANR is a Print MIS System surprisingly affordable given its wide range of features and efficiency. If we don’t use it, we won’t sell it! PrintPLANR is a perfect Print MIS Solution for Printing Businesses, Print Brokers, Signage Industry and Promotional Companies to name a small range of print companies that can use the system.

All available modules are unique in their functionality and opting for them all will promise the best outcome. Although, as mentioned here, you may opt for what your business needs, especially if you are a start-up. Remember, you can always add more!


Print CRM

The module Print CRM as we often call it, enables you to manage your database and use advanced features to serve your prospects and customers in a better way.

Print Estimation/Quote Management

The Print Estimating Module or the Quote Management Module empowers your Print MIS Systems with various templates to suit your quote requirement. Specific ready-templates are provided for various types of printing to allow your sales team to stay competitive with their quote.

Print Job Management/Electronic Job Card

Print Jobs can be tricky at times. PrintPLANR helps you organize your print jobs based on their assigned deadlines.

Purchase Order/Vendor Bills Management

Suppliers/Vendor bill management is a key element in any printing business. Be it paper, ink, or other consumable items, easy ordering is a must and that’s where PrintPLANR inventory linked with suppliers comes into play. Features of the purchase order module of

Print Invoicing, Payment and Accounts

Invoice your customers before the job starts or create invoice on the job’s completion. Creating invoices with PrintPLANR is very easy — the Print MIS Systems automatically picks the job information from the relevant job and the Invoice Contact from the CRM database.

Product Catalog/Warehouse Products

PrintPLANR works beautifully for printers stocking products for their customers or print managers managing products for their customers.

Reporting & Live Dashboard

This is where the PrintPLANR system yet again proves to be a complete MIS and allows its customers to get the best out of data accumulated by their business. ‘Saved,’ ‘Customized,’ ‘Build your own report’ and the ‘Dashboard’ features give each user (as per their role/access) more power to measure the business success and take the right business decision.

Settings & Customization

Operate PrintPLANR the way you want keeping in mind what your business needs. Unlimited settings in the MIS to frame your own rules, create a smoother workflow and set to view data the way you’d like.

Integrate Print MIS

PrintPLANR understands your need of a specialist software at some places to perform industry-standard work like Proofing, Sending Data on to the Press and/or sending delivery information to third party warehouse or carrier company. We allow all of these with our custom development module

All these modules are built with special care and interact with each other seamlessly, resulting in a seamless work outcome. More often than not, staff members are replaced for one reason or another, meaning that the knowledge they had gained via various aspects like training and experience leave with them. With an automated solution, you have all input still intact and the solution replaces all manual tasks that were carried out by them, so the work is hardly affected.

The above modules are basic but necessary and make the Print MIS System all the more efficient. When you opt for PrintPLANR, the system is self sufficient and you would never require any other software to take care of any part of your business.