The Best Choice For Web Application Development: PHP or JAVA?

Overview of Java vs. PHP:

What is Java?

  • Java is an object-oriented, general-purpose programming language that supports both server-side and client-side language. It requires code compilation before execution. It runs on the WORA (Write once, run anywhere) approach.
  • The language comes with a well-defined reflection concept, including interfaces, abstract or reusable classes.
  • Java-based applications run on JVM (Java Virtual Machine) connecting the source code and the binary code and need an operating system, a web server, and an application server for the automatic transaction, Authentication, Authorization, and Lifecycle management.

What is PHP?

  • PHP is a well-suited programming language for web applications development, directly executable from the command line and hence no compilation is required as it is dynamically typed. It is a server-side language and embedded in HTML.
  • Although PHP does not have a reflection concept built below PHP version 5, the higher versions have it.
  • PHP-based applications run on Apache server/IIS and require PHP Engine, operating system, and the webserver.

Significant comparisons of the salient features of Java and PHP


Programming Support

Language Tool



Conclusion: Java vs. PHP for Web Development




I like to post top service providers of technology

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Aaron smith

Aaron smith

I like to post top service providers of technology

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