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3 min readMar 18, 2022

No more Repetitive Data Entry, No more in-house Resources Increasing Overheads!

Data entry is one of the back-office services that is time-consuming, repetitive, requires resources and infrastructure, and increases the overheads unless outsourced.

Outsourcing the data entry process frees up your time, reduces the in-house resources needed, and helps improve ROI with the cost cut down on the overheads.

A professional data entry service provider will be able to handle the same task that your in-house team does in half the time with almost 100% accuracy.

Our offshore data entry services cover a broad range of online data entry services from data collection, processing, and management, image processing to data scraping.

  • Providing custom application migration services, we have helped businesses refactor and modernize, upgrade, and scale their business applications.
  • It’s no secret that legacy environments could hurt businesses by posing downtimes, security threats, scalability issues, low performance, and limited flexibility.
  • Moving your current application to a more advanced platform gains better productivity and enterprise management.

Data Entry Services:

Redundant Data Entry Process:

  • Eliminate everyday data entry and the errors that follow by outsourcing it to a data entry services company with professionals to deal with high accuracy and bring in high performance.
  • Our data entry support services offer a great deal of efficiency in handling all of the outsourcing data entry projects that come to us.

Data/Email Extraction

  • With the amount of data each company accumulates every day, it becomes necessary to have a process defined to extract the data and make sense of it to help run the business. Or discard the useless data in equal measures.
  • Our data entry specialists carry out a thorough analysis and sort the data from emails, their pdf, or different attachment formats and help you store them in an organized manner. While also providing effective data scrapping.

Data Indexing:

  • As part of the outsourced data entry services that we provide, we also offer data indexing solutions to make the indexing process of different data from employee and patient IDs to invoice numbers more manageable, efficient, effortless, and paperless.
  • You never have to waste time while retrieving the data as it remains digitally organized and secure at the same time. Have your data ready-in-hand with the proper credentials, and rest assured that the data remains safe from unauthorized access.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

  • All the data that your company has on PDFs and other documents can easily be documented and retrieved using the OCR technology without the efforts of your in-house staff.
  • You never have to miss out on any critical data or go through inconvenience while making business decisions because of a delay in retrieving the data. Have all of your data organized, achieved, and easily retrievable.

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