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Looking to hire full stack developer to work on your unique project?

Hire a dedicated full stack development team from Infomaze — who you’ll have complete control over, while we manage other things such as office space, payroll, taxes, etc.

At Infomaze, we follow an agile development methodology to speed up the software development process. Our full stack developers have the knowledge and proficiency of PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, databases, and converting Photoshop designs to frontend code. From business analysis, project management, UI/UX design, software development, software maintenance, to Quality Assurance, our dedicated developers can do it all.

Long gone are the days when web developers were familiar with only one language. Enhance the features and functionalities of your website with our complete full stack development services, where one developer will oversee your entire project.

We have proven expertise across all industry verticals, technologies, and domains in offering end-to-end software development, desktop applications, custom software solutions, embedded windows services, web application, and portals, and dynamic mobile Apps on Android, iOS and Windows.

Our full stack developers are masters in all the frontend and backend technologies along with the knowledge of design, database operations, debugging, and testing. As our full stack developers know both coding and design, they will periodically assess the site and avoid any inconsistencies by going to the root of the error.

After the application is developed, we run multiple tests on various scenarios to identify errors and redundancies in the early stages of the development cycle to deliver efficient and error-free solutions.

When you share your project requirements with our experts, we send the CVs of our full stack developers whose skill set matches your project needs. As soon as you shortlist the CVs of developers you want to work with, you can interview them via Skype. If our developers qualify your requirements, you can hire them for your project, and they will work as your extended team.

Our full stack development components

Frontend development

  • Custom development and styling
  • Rich user interface
  • Dynamic web apps
  • Cross-platform app development
  • Graphic designing
  • Quality Assurance and testing

If you have a specific technology in mind, then just name it, and our skilled developers will build it for you. Our full stack developers carry wide-ranging expertise on all the frontend technologies from HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MEAN stack, Bootstrap, to AngularJS. We have a clear commitment to code quality and follow object-oriented CSS principles to structure CSS in large scale projects. Through our frontend development services, we create a lasting impression with our high-quality design and development.

Backend development

  • Custom backend design
  • MVC integration
  • API design and development
  • A molecular approach to design dynamic apps
  • RESTful services
  • Secure backend architecture development

Our client-centric approach has led us to build highly customizable and flawless backend interfaces for a variety of business verticals and domains using PHP, Python, JavaScript, Node.JS, etc. Our innovative team of backend developers are always keen on learning new things and will hence build a secure backend that will meet the standards of your project. We make use of various cutting-edge technologies and frameworks to provide perfect backend support for your website or mobile app.

Database development

  • Third-party database integration
  • Database integration
  • Server and hosting assistance
  • API integration
  • Custom database development
  • Database migration
  • Database testing

To design apps and websites that can handle massive amounts of data, we incorporate advanced database technologies in our development process for secure, robust, and high-performing Databases. Given our vast experience, we can process data integration tasks 10x faster within the shortest time frame. We follow the right database integration approach to manage all aspects of big data and transform environments into API powered BI platforms. We extract, process, manage, and store data within databases using tools such as Apache Hadoop, MySQL, Oracle, etc.

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